Milling of aluminum 2024 with a cemented carbide end mill

The challenge is determining the right coating for an OEM customer looking to mill Al 2024 with a 12 mm cemented carbide with minimum quantity lubrication. Rotation speed is 12000 to 20000 turns per minute, feed speed is 1397 to 2565 mm per minute.

Problems encountered:

Recommendation is a coating with:

  • Sticky material
  • Self-lubricating properties
  • Chip evacuation
  • Very low surface roughness
  • Sharp cutting edges

Our recommondation

Ionbond™ 42 is a Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coating that is suited for machining aluminium alloys and other sticky materials such as plastics. The thin coating is designed to maintain maximum cutting edge sharpness while facilitating extreme smoothness of the coating chip evacuation, moving heat away from the cutting edge.

Ionbond™ 42