Milling of 1.4122 stainless steel with cemented carbide end mill

An OEM customer is looking for a coating to improve the 8 mm square end mill used to mill 1.4122 stainless steel. The milling process uses coolant, at a tool rotation speed of 8000 rpm and a cutting speed of 201 m/min. Axial depth is 8 mm and radial depth 0.4 mm.

Problems encountered:

Recommendation is a coating with:

  • Low thermal conductivity; heat transfer happens through the tool and not through the chips
  • Good temperature resistanceigh wear
  • High wear
  • High hardness
  • Tendency toward notching, and chipping of the cutting-edge radius
  • Allowing a sharp edge to reduce cutting forces and further heat generation

Contact time (test duration): 187min

Our recommondation

Hardcut Plus, a TiSiN based multi-layer coating, was developed for high speed end-milling and gear hobbing of the hardest and toughest materials under low lubrication and dry conditions.

Hardcut Plus