Ionbond™ CVD Coatings for cutting tools

As the market leader in providing CVD coating services under the trade name Ionbond™ CVD, Ionbond has a long tradition in chemical vapor deposition technology for hard, wear resistant coatings. Thick, low stress Ionbond™ CVD coatings are typically applied on carbide inserts for extreme-load machining like heavy-roughing of steel and cast iron.

  • Uniform coating
  • High thickness
  • Low stress

Ionbond CVD Coatings for machining:

  • Ionbond™ CVD 01 TiN
  • Ionbond™ CVD 08 Ti(B,C,N)
  • Ionbond™ CVD 10 TiCN
  • Ionbond™ CVD 13 Ti(C)N-TiC-TiN
  • Ionbond™ CVD 29 Al2O3