Tetrabond™ Plus ta-C

Smooth ta-C coating

Tetrabond Plus is an advanced ta-C coating for machining non-ferrous metals as well as composite and plastic materials. With an sp3 content of 60 – 70%, it reaches a hardness of over 5000 HV. The thin, smooth, and extremely hard coating is designed to maintain maximum cutting edge sharpness in machining abrasive materials, such as graphite, composite materials with glass or carbon fibre, glass reinforced PCB materials, and high Si content aluminum alloys. Tetrabond Plus excels in cutting soft noble metals like gold, silver and copper as well as lead-containing and lead-free bronzes and brass alloys. Its variable thickness, very low coefficient of friction, and anti-stick properties makes Tetrabond Plus excellent in machining a wide range of plastics and sticky materials where it avoids the build-up of material on the sharp cutting edge.

Alternative to CVD Diamond coatings for a wide range of tools

Tetrabond Plus can be applied to HSS, cemented carbide, and brazed tools, regardless of geometry. The tools can be reground, making the best use of expensive cutting tools. Tetrabond Plus is an economical solution for machining difficult materials, reducing the need for expensive PCD inserts & diamond coated tools.

Technical Data





PVD Advanced Arc

Thickness range

0.5 - 3.5 μm

Nanohardness, HV 0.05


Friction vs. Steel


Service Temperature


Process Temperature

Below 300°C


Rainbow-dark grey-black