Ionbond™ 41 & 42 DLC

Ionbond™ 41 & 42 DLC Coating for machining Al alloys and gummy materials

Ionbond™ 41 and Ionbond™ 42 are Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coatings that are suited for machining aluminium alloys and other sticky materials such as plastics where moderate (< 350 °C) cutting edge temperatures are generated. Those thin coating are designed to maintain maximum cutting edge sharpness while facilitating extreme smoothness of the coating chip evacuation, moving heat away from the cutting edge.

Efficient machining without the problems of built up edge

Ionbond™ 41 and Ionbond™ 42 shows excellent performance in drilling and reaming aluminium alloys, especially for aerospace applications. The low coefficient of friction combined with sharp cutting edges eliminates sticking and built up edge, providing a clean surface finish. The lower deposition temperature allows for deposition on carbide, HSS and brazed tools.

Technical data



a-C:H:W+a-C:H / Cr + CrN + a-C:H

Coating thickness

1.5 - 3 μm

Service Temp.

300 °C

Deposition Temp.

below 300 °C

Hardness HV 0.05


Deposition method

PVD sputtering + PACVD

Friction vs. steel, dry

< 0.15


dark grey

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