Ionbond Hardcut Facts - TiSiN coating

TiSiN coating for extreme cutting conditions

Hardcut TiSiN is engineered for high speed machining of hard materials at minimum or zero lubrication conditions. The coating is designed to allow a cutting edge temperature of up to 1100 °C. A distinguishing feature of Ionbond’s Hardcut is its composition: a multi-layer coating with a nano-composite outer layer with Si3N4 nano-crystallites in a crystalline TiN matrix. This matrix is designed to protect the cutting edge from heat transfer, oxidation and abrasion.

Hardcut facts | High speed machining of hard work piece materials

Hardcut facts: Hardcut can be used on work piece materials that include steels of up to 60 HRC, high nickel content alloys and titanium. Hardcut is particularly suited for carbide end mills and gear cutting tools for semi-finishing and finishing operations that involve high temperatures at the chip/cutting edge interface. The cutting speeds generally range from 100 to 300 m/min, depending on cutting conditions and work piece material.

Technical data




Coating thickness

2 - 4 μm

Service Temp.

1100 °C

Deposition Temp.

450 - 550 °C

Hardness HV 0.05


Deposition method


Friction vs. steel, dry

< 0.4