Bernex™ 29 HSE Al2O3

Bernex™ 29 HSE

Bernex 29 HSE is suited for high-volume machining of mild and stainless steels at low cutting speeds. The coating is able to resist highest thermal stress and, thanks to its low friction, provides excellent chip flow. The κAl2O3 functional layer not only exhibits an exceptional hot-hardness, it also features a very low thermal conductivity, which significantly increases tool lifetime. Bernex™ 29 HSE is applied at ca. 1000 °C by means of the CVD coating procedure. It is suited for cemented carbide cutting inserts as well as for high-alloyed, secondary hardened tool steels.

Technical data



Ti(C,N)+κ Al2O3

Coating thickness

6 - 9 μm

Service Temp.

> 1200 °C

Deposition Temp.

1000 °C

Hardness HV 0.05


Deposition method


Friction vs. steel, dry