Bernex™ 08 TiBN

Bernex™ 08 multi-layer coating

Bernex™ 08 is a special multi-layer coating applied on tools used in high-volume machining. Applied by means of the CVD coating procedure, it exhibits a particular hardness and wear-resistance due to Bor in TiBN. In addition, Bernex™ 08 features a particularly low coefficient of friction, which facilitates chip flowl when machining stainless steels. The combination of κAl2O3 and TiBN delivers an extremely high hot-hardness and a very low thermal conductivity, which significantly increases the tool’s lifetime. TiN, as a top layer, protects the hard TiBN coating from breakage during the cutting start-up phase. Bernex™ 08 is applied at ca. 1000 °C and is  suited for cemented carbide cutting inserts exclusively.

Technical data




Coating thickness

12 - 16 μm

Service Temp.

> 1000 °C

Deposition Temp.

1000 °C

Hardness HV 0.05


Deposition method


Friction vs. steel, dry