Milling of titanium alloy

Titanium alloys are frequently used in aerospace applications. For an OEM aerospace customer looking to mill a titanium alloy under lubricated conditions with a ball nose end mill, we are looking for a coating that helps reduce the difficulty machining titanium. The intended machining process has a cutting speed of 135 m per minute, an axial depth of 0.4 mm and a radial depth of 0.2 mm.

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Coating challenge

Problems encountered:

  • Low thermal conductivity of the material (heat is transferred to the tool and not through the chips)
  • Generally high cutting forces
  • Possible chemical reaction which leads to cutting edge breakage

Coating requirements:

  • High temperature resistance
  • No interaction with titanium
  • The ability to maintain sharp cutting edges

Our coating recommendation

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Optimizer™ Plus

Optimizer™ Plus is the latest premium coating of the Ionbond plus-family. At the top of our product line, and in addition to Crosscut™ Plus, this new AlCrN based coating is the optimal coating for we…

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