Cutting Tools Coatings

Ionbond offers a broad portfolio of state of the art PVD, PACVD and CVD cutting tools coatings for HSS and cemented carbide tools to suit every machining requirement and work piece material.
Our coatings save overall machining cost as they allow higher cutting speeds and feeds and reduce the time needed for tool change due to the extended tool life.

High-performance coatings

The high-performance coatings Hardcut and Crosscut™ are specifically designed for tools used in high-speed, high-feed machining of tough and abrasive work piece materials where high thermal and mechanical loads are present and minimal or low lubrication and cooling is provided.

Value coatings

Ionbond’s Maximizer and Ionbond™ multi and special purpose coatings on HSS and cemented carbide tools are the workhorses for cutting of metals, plastics, composites and other materials including wood.

Bernex™ CVD coatings

The thick, low stress Bernex™ CVD coatings are applied on cemented carbide inserts for extreme load machining of steel and cast iron.

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