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Coatings for semiconductors


Semiconductor applications are often unique, calling for equally unique solutions. Depending on the actual application, standard or fine-tuned Tribobond and Ionbond CVD coatings are offered. In the latter case, Ionbond engineers carefully analyze application requirements and then propose coating solutions.

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Semiconductors coating applications

Wafer handling

Silicon wafer

The primary function of coatings on wafer handling hardware is to prevent generation of wear debris that can contaminate the processing environment. Tribobond coatings provide ideal solutions for such challenges, due to their high wear resistance. These coatings allow efficient sealing of critical surfaces, thus helping to maintain a particulate-free operation in the long term.


Vacuum coatings

Vacuum semiconductor coating

Some of the newer semiconductor processes use vacuum, which brings additional challenges for tribological elements. In response to this, IHI Ionbond and IHI Hauzer Technocoating engineers have developed a specialty diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating, Tribobond 55, designed for operation in vacuum and other dry environments. This coating boasts an extremely low coefficient of friction in these conditions, which is impossible to achieve with regular films.


Diffusion barrier

In some unique semiconductor machinery, IonbondCVD chemical vapor deposition (CVD) coatings can produce diffusion barriers to protect components against corrosion and erosion. These coatings are typically applied on inner surfaces of the components, enabling their reliable operation.    


electrical discharge

Another group of semiconductor applications requires coatings with highly specific properties. Whether electrical properties, a particular resistivity range or the ability to withstand extremely high voltages. For these applications, Ionbond engineers work closely with the customer, offering standard, customized or specially designed solutions.


Coating Portfolio for Industrial Components

Ionbond’s coating portfolio for Industrial Components with its versatile Tribobond and Ionbond CVD coatings offers the perfect solutions to meet the challenges that modern mechanical components are exposed to.

Coating Portfolio

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