Off-road Vehicles

Diesel engines

Modern diesel engines remain some of the most efficient means of generating power from fossil fuels. For this reason, such engines are widely used for various heavy-duty off-road applications - powering ships, locomotives, power generators and earth-moving and agricultural equipment. For these applications, as for automotive engines, Tribobond coatings provide efficient protection against wear, while reducing friction in contacts with limited lubrication.

Application examples include:

  • Anti-seizing Tribobond™ films for elimination of bronze bushes in steel/cast iron pistons
  • Wear- and friction-reducing coatings in large-unit plungers and fuel injectors
  • Specialty Tribobond™ coatings for heavy-duty gears
  • Wear and scuffing protection in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders


Tribobond coatings are widely used for wear protection of components of large turbochargers, such as thrust bearings and seal rings. Bernex coatings offer solutions for anti-fouling in the turbine section of turbochargers.

Earth-moving and agricultural equipment

Certain coatings from the Tribobond portfolio offer effective protection against abrasion, a common issue for machinery dealing with earth and sand. Application examples include protection against abrasive wear on track pins and wear components of cultivators.