Gas and steam turbines

Turbine performance is dependent on the energy conversion efficiency and its ability to continuously operate with minimal planned or unplanned downtime. Minimizing frictional losses and wear between moving components by use of coatings is an efficient means to extend the lifetime and avoid premature failure of components. Ionbond Tribobond™ coatings reduce friction and increase the temperature and mechanical load capacity of bearings, shafts and other components. Specialty coatings and treatments (laser hardening) from Ionbond portfolio dramatically reduce cavitation wear on airfoils of steam turbines.

Wind mills

Wind mills are exposed to very heavy mechanical loads and challenging environmental conditions, including alternating temperatures, humidity and exposure to sea mist. Windmills bearings and gearboxes are engineered to provide decades-long operation with only minimal servicing. Use of Tribobond™ series of wear- and friction-reducing coatings allows for substantial boost reliability of windmill operation and extend maintenance intervals. In addition, use of coating may help to reduce the size of components, while maintaining their operational characteristics. Low friction DLC coatings applied on sliding and rolling components reduce the momentum required to start up the mill under light wind conditions, increasing the output.

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