Oil and Gas

Oil and gas production and transportation occur in challenging environmental conditions. Presence of abrasive particulate, corrosive media, extreme sub-sea pressures are just a few challenges that are commonplace in this industry. These operating conditions lead to exposure of mechanical components to various wear problems (erosion, abrasion, fretting, galling) and corrosion.
Tribobond™ wear resistant and low friction PVD, PACVD and Bernex™ CVD coatings are engineered to cope with these conditions and add a safety margin for reliable operation of equipment and components for downhole, on- and off-shore oil production. Following below are some components that are frequently coated with Tribobond™ coatings:

  • Pumps
  • Seals
  • Gate, ball and needle valves
  • Bearings

  • Actuators
  • Tube couplings
  • Downhole components