Heavy duty machines and vehicles

Such machinery as excavating, mining, construction, agricultural equipment or military vehicles typically run under very challenging environmental conditions. Components used in such mechanical assemblies may be exposed to dirt, dust and slurries, changing temperatures, wet and dry weather, standstill or 24/7 operations. Despite the size of these machines, they contain many precision components that do not tolerate well impacts of wear or corrosion. Their longevity often determines the reliability of the whole machine, therefore their protection is very important.
Tribobond™ wear resistant coatings can offer substantial increase of lifetime of critical components. Their hardness is several times higher than that of steel or hard chrome plated surfaces. With the thickness of only a few microns they can be applied onto most existing components without having to re-engineer them. When designed into new equipment, cost savings can often be achieved as the components can be downsized and expensive electroplating with post machining steps eliminated.

Low friction coatings

Vehicles and machines that have been standing still over longer periods of time often suffer from excessive wear when put into operation again. Oil films on engine components, in gearboxes, running gear and actuators are very thin and take a while to build up to the desired strengths for full lubrication. Tribobond™ 40 series low friction DLC coatings have excellent dry running properties and protect mating surfaces from wear until the full lubrication is restored. They also act as a safety net in case of unexpected loss of lubrication fluids or oil pump failure.