Improved tribology and reduced wear

Many mechanical components in industrial machinery have to cope with adverse operation conditions, for example high loads, aggressive environments, lack of lubrication or presence of abrasive particulate. This is coupled with ever more increased durability requirements and maintenance intervals. Tribobond™ family of low friction and wear resistant coatings are designed to meet the challenges that modern mechanical components are exposed to.  Besides life extension, in many cases the coatings become enabling elements without which no operation is possible.

Quality Assured

Ionbond coating centers hold ISO 9001/9002, and numerous industry-specific certifications and supplier approvals from a number of world-leading companies in many industries. Ionbond constantly works on improving its offerings to enhance the performance and lower the unit cost of coated products.

Hard Chrome Replacement

Hard chrome is increasingly being replaced with PVD films

  • Environmentally friendly
  • No post-coating machining
  • Lower coefficient of friction
  • Increased hardness

Corrosive and Erosive Environment

Tribobond™ coated stainless steels and nickel alloy components are ideal for corrosive environments.

  • No fretting and galling
  • Protection from erosion