Locating/Welding Pins

Modern manufacturing often relies on automated  robot-assisted assembly operations that run with virtually no interruptions. That means long-term reliable operation of every single element of the assembly line is crucial. Tribobond coatings help provide the wear reduction and lifetime increase of mechanical assembly line elements that make this type of operation possible.

Among such components are locating pins that help fix sheet metal components for welding. Frequent  insertion of these pins in openings in the sheet metal leads to wear and some adhesive effects. Failure of these locating pins may lead to expensive stoppage of an assembly line. Tribobond coatings help prevent both wear and galling issues on such pins, substantially extending their life.

A similar application are resistance welding pins. In addition to wear properties, these pins must be electrically insulating  to enable the correct path of the welding current. Application of Tribobond or Bernex coatings increases the lifespan of these pins by several times, while providing the necessary electrical properties.