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Improved tribology and reduced wear

Many mechanical components in industrial machinery have to operate under adverse conditions, for example high loads, aggressive environments, lack of lubrication or the presence of abrasive particulate. In addition, there are high demands on maintenance-free durability and operational cost  savings.


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Whitepaper: CVD Coatings for Engineered Components

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Whitepaper: CVD Coatings for Engineered Components

Download Whitepaper: CVD Coatings for Engineered Components

Engineered components coating applications

Tribobond coatings are designed to meet the challenges that mechanical components are exposed to. They extend the lifetime of components, which is a strong contributing factor to sustainability, and often become an enabling element without which operation is not possible.


gear compressor coating

Tribobond coatings are applied to components of various compressors to improve wear performance. Coating the vanes of refrigeration compressors makes them less dependent on lubrication and therefore friendlier for CFC-free operations. Coating the rotors of screw compressors allows more reliable operation in dry conditions and provides additional corrosion protection. Even common piston compressors benefit from heavy-duty Tribobond films.




gear compressor coating


Water pump engine coating

Tribobond  coatings provide performance enhancement for virtually any type of industrial pump. Among the most common applications are:

  • Compression rods/pistons of plunger/piston pumps
  • Gears, shafts and housings of gearwheel (rotary gear) pumps
  • Vanes of rotary vane pumps
  • Components of single- and multistage centrifugal pumps
  • Lobe pump rotors

In addition to the moving components of the pumps, elements such as mechanical shafts seals are also regularly coated with Tribobond coatings. These seals can be made out of steel, cemented or silicon carbides.



Valve pipe coating

In many industries, including oil and gas, food and the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, coatings on valves help combat abrasive wear, prevent seizing and galling, decrease actuation forces and provide lubricant-free operation. Tribobond and IonbondCVD coatings are successfully implemented in many of these industries to protect valves of various types.

Examples of applications include:

  • Balls, seats, packing and stems of ball valves
  • Sealing surfaces of needle valves
  • Gates and stems of gate valves


Valve pipe coating


Rolling contacts in bearings and gears are typically subjest to high contact loads. Certain coatings in the Tribobond family are specifically designed to  help reduce rolling contact fatigue, one of the failure modes in such contacts. Specialty Tribobond films help minimize the adverse effects  of contact fatigue and increase the load-carrying capacity. In addition, these films decrease friction in poor lubrication conditions, thus increasing transmission efficiency.

Among the most common applications are:

  • Rolling elements of roller bearings
  • Cages, raceways and balls of ball bearings
  • Gliding surfaces of precision gears: spur, worm, helical, rack and pinion, bevel
  • Elements of linear drives


Coating for hydraulic motor

Pistons, piston rings and piston rods of hydraulic and pneumatic actuators are subject to high wear and are usually protected with hard chrome plating or sprayed coatings. Tribobond coatings are a powerful alternative to these technologies.

The environmental limitations of chrome plating is forcing manufacturers to look for alternatives. For this application, sprayed coatings are often not cost effective, since the parts require grinding after processing. Tribobond coatings do not require post-finishing and are environmentally neutral, making them an ideal solution for hydraulic and pneumatic actuators.


Coating for hydraulic motor

Tribobond coatings are also widely used to treat components of hydraulic motors, pumps and transformers. These coatings shine in heavy-duty devices with high loads and low rotational speeds, when efficient lubrication is difficult.

Metrology and machine tools

Coatings for collet chucks

Collet Chucks

Long-term dimensional stability is critical for precision machine and metrological tools. With their high hardness and negligent wear rate, Tribobond coatings are widely applied to maintain the accuracy and longevity of machine tools and related accessories.

Examples of applications are:

  • Collet chucks
  • Elements of high-speed spindles
  • Elements of linear drives
  • Probe elements of metrological tools

Locating and welding pins

Coatings for locating pins

Modern manufacturing often relies on automated  robot-assisted assembly operations that run with virtually no interruptions. That means long-term reliable operation of every single element of the assembly line is crucial. Tribobond coatings help provide the wear reduction and lifetime increase of mechanical assembly line elements that make this type of operation possible.

Among such components are locating pins that help fix sheet metal components for welding. Frequent  insertion of these pins in openings in the sheet metal leads to wear and some adhesive effects. Failure of these locating pins may lead to expensive stoppage of an assembly line. Tribobond coatings help prevent both wear and galling issues on such pins, substantially extending their life.

Coatings for locating pins

A similar application are resistance welding pins. In addition to wear properties, these pins must be electrically insulating  to enable the correct path of the welding current. Application of Tribobond or Bernex coatings increases the lifespan of these pins by several times, while providing the necessary electrical properties.


Protection against premature abrasive wear is critical in virtually all stages of textile manufacturing, including spinning, weaving and  knitting. Both cotton and synthetic threads can be highly abrasive to elements of textile machinery. With stricter environmental regulations being enacted, replacing hard chrome plating, which common in the industry, is becoming an important issue. Tribobond and IonbondCVD coatings offer an environmentally friendly and effective protection against wear of key textile consumable components.

Following below are examples of coated components:

  • Weaving reed dents
  • Spinning rings and runners
  • Card clothing components

Ceramics manufacture

ceramic extrusion coatings

Extending the lifetime of extrusion dies, such as those used for manufacture of fine-walled ceramic inserts of catalytic converters and diesel/gasoline particulate filters, offers immediate commercial benefits for users. Specialty IonbondCVD coatings protect the inner channels of these very expensive tools. With proper die management, multiple recoating cycles are possible, thus further extending the life of the die.




ceramic extrusion coatings

Coating Portfolio for Industrial Components

Ionbond’s coating portfolio for Industrial Components with its versatile Tribobond and Ionbond CVD coatings offers the perfect solutions to meet the challenges that modern mechanical components are exposed to.

Coating Portfolio

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