Oil and Gas

Oil and gas are produced and transported under challenging environmental conditions. The presence of abrasive particulate, corrosive media, extreme sub-sea pressures – these are just a few of the challenges that are commonplace in this industry. These operating conditions expose mechanical components to various wear problems (such as erosion, abrasion, fretting and galling) and corrosion.

Tribobond and Bernex PVD and CVD coatings are engineered to cope with these conditions and add a safety margin for the reliable operation of equipment and components for downhole and on- and offshore oil production.

Typical components coated with Tribobond™ and Bernex™ coatings:

  • Pump components: impellers, vanes, stages
  • Seals made of steel, cemented carbide, or ceramic
  • Ball valves: balls, seats, packing
  • Subsea gate valves
  • Sliding bearings, bushes
  • Actuators
  • Tube couplings
  • Downhole components