Energy storage systems

The world’s increasing reliance on wind and solar energies also increased the need for possibilities to store generated energy, because consumption and generation levels can vary dramatically over time and cannot easily be managed.

Most modern storage systems, apart from batteries, use some sort of mechanical device to accumulate or deliver energy. In a flywheel system, for example, a rotating mechanical device stores rotational energy. Pumped hydro storage requires efficient pumps to propel large amounts of water. Even thermal energy storage systems ultimately rely on mechanical devices to recuperate stored electrical power.

All these systems can greatly benefit from Tribobond™ coatings to provide:

  • Increased longevity of mechanical components such as seals, vanes, impellers and pistons
  • Decreased friction loss at all stages of energy conversion, improving storage efficiency
  • Protection against hydrogen embrittlement and permeation in hydrogen-containing storage systems