Improve the efficiency and lifetime of energy generation equipment

coatings for the energy industry

Coating solutions for the energy generation industry

Today’s energy generation industry includes both renewable and fossil fuel branches. Most non-solar energy-generating machinery relies on mechanical systems for transformation of one energy type into another. Reliable long-term operation of these systems is critical to maintaining stable energy supplies. In addition, minimizing friction losses in such systems improves their efficiency. The Tribobond family of coatings offers a range of solutions to extend longevity of mechanical components, along with friction reduction and corrosion protection when required.




coatings for the energy industry

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Ionbond Webinar on Energy Generation

Download Ionbond Webinar on Energy Generation

Improving the performance of crucial mechanical equipment

Mechanical systems operate under challenging conditions, like high contact loads on bearings in a wind turbine, abrasion and corrosion encountered while extracting oil – whether off- or on-shore – or cavitation on blades of steam turbines.

Ionbond’s coatings are engineered to withstand these challenging conditions and add a safety margin for reliable operation of power generation systems. Ionbond’s Tribobond™ and Ionbond CVD coatings extend longevity of mechanical components, reduce friction, protect against corrosion, reduce the negative impact of contact fatigue phenomena and protect against hydrogen embrittlement and permeation. The coatings find applications in oil extraction, gas, steam and wind power generation and energy storage.  

Application areas

Oil & Gas

borehole pumps energy coatings

Oil and gas are produced and transported under challenging environmental conditions. The presence of abrasive particulate, corrosive media, extreme sub-sea pressures – these are just a few of the challenges that are commonplace in this industry. These operating conditions expose mechanical components to various wear problems (such as erosion, abrasion, fretting and galling) and corrosion.

Tribobond and Bernex PVD and CVD coatings are engineered to cope with these conditions and add a safety margin for the reliable operation of equipment and components for downhole and on- and offshore oil production.





Typical components coated with Tribobond™ and Bernex™ coatings:

  • Pump components: impellers, vanes, stages
  • Seals made of steel, cemented carbide, or ceramic
  • Ball valves: balls, seats, packing
  • Subsea gate valves
  • Sliding bearings, bushes
  • Actuators
  • Tube couplings
  • Downhole components

Steam & Gas Turbines

rotor steam turbine industrial energy coatings

Industrial gas and steam turbines (IGT and IST) are the workhorses of power generation plants. Turbine performance depends on energy conversion efficiency and the ability to continuously operate with minimal planned or unplanned downtime. IHI Ionbond offers multiple solutions aimed at improving the performance and reliability of turbine operation. In addition to selected coatings from the Tribobond portfolio, Ionbond offers laser treatment for turbine blades, as well as Bernex aluminizing for the hot section of IGTs.

Coating benefits:

  • Improved resistance to cavitation and erosion of leading edges
  • Improved oxidation resistance due to advanced aluminizing
  • Fretting protection of blade roots

Wind power

gears pinions industrial energy coatings

Wind turbines are exposed to heavy mechanical loads and challenging environmental conditions, including alternating temperatures, humidity and exposure to sea mist. Wind turbine bearings and gearboxes are engineered to provide decades-long operation with only minimal servicing. Tribobond coatings reduce the negative impact of contact fatigue phenomena, which allows for a substantial boost of  reliability of windmill operation and an extension of maintenance intervals. In addition, the low-friction Tribobond coatings reduce the momentum required to start up a turbine under light wind conditions.

Coated components of wind turbines:

  • Rollers of roller bearings
  • Gears and pinions

Energy Storage Systems

hydrogen renewable energy production

The world’s increasing reliance on wind and solar energies also increased the need for possibilities to store generated energy, because consumption and generation levels can vary dramatically over time and cannot easily be managed.

Most modern storage systems, apart from batteries, use some sort of mechanical device to accumulate or deliver energy. In a flywheel system, for example, a rotating mechanical device stores rotational energy. Pumped hydro storage requires efficient pumps to propel large amounts of water. Even thermal energy storage systems ultimately rely on mechanical devices to recuperate stored electrical power.




All these systems can greatly benefit from Tribobond™ coatings to provide:

  • Increased longevity of mechanical components such as seals, vanes, impellers and pistons
  • Decreased friction loss at all stages of energy conversion, improving storage efficiency
  • Protection against hydrogen embrittlement and permeation in hydrogen-containing storage systems

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