Tribobond™ 43 DLC

DLC coating for industrial components with unique properties

Ionbond’s Tribobond 43 DLC (a-C:H) is a pure DLC coating,  which is widely used for boosting performance of tools and various precision components. Depending on the application, this coating can be produced either with Cr or Si-based underlayers. In both cases Tribobond 43 provides outstanding wear protection and friction reduction, whereas Si-based underlayer also adds excellent corrosion protection. Tribobond 43 boasts extremely low surface roughness, making it suitable for coating highly polished surfaces. Further modifications of Tribobond 43 allow achieving customized surface functionalities, like hydrophobicity, electrical resistivity, improved temperature stability.


Hard and wear resistant Tribobond 43 DLC combines excellent tribological properties with extremely low surface roughness and chemical inertness. This combination of properties make Tribobond 43 DLC highly suitable for ultra-precision components, for example in the semiconductor industry. Its chemical inertness makes it non-reactive with any corrosive media and justifies its application in chemical pumps, medical components, etc. High elasticity of Tribobond 43 DLC makes it very suitable for applications with high dynamic loads.

Technical Data



(Cr/Si) + a-C:H



Thickness range

1 - 6μm

Nanohardness, HV 0.005

2500 - 4000

Friction vs. Steel


Service Temperature


Process Temperature

160 - 200°C



Application Reference

Low friction, wear and corrosion resistance for sliding contacts