Tribobond™ 41 DLC

DLC coating with superior sliding properties

Ionbond’s Tribobond 41 DLC a-C:H:W + a-C:H coating has been used for high volume automotive production for many years. It combines good running-in properties with a high wear resistance and very low friction. The coating is very well suited for pure sliding conditions in tribological contacts. Tribobond 41 exhibits excellent  performance on valve train (e.g. tappets) and crank train components (e.g. piston pin/ ring). State of the art common rail and unit injector components are protected with Tribobond 41 DLC in order to improve the robustness and lifetime of fuel pump and fuel injection systems. Apart from automotive, multiple components of industrial machinery benefit from Tribobond 41 DLC through reduction of wear and friction, thus extending their lifetime and maintenance intervals. The coating shines in particular in applications with marginal lubrication and high loads.


Ionbond’s Tribobond 41 DLC is applied on components in order to minimize friction losses in engines and engine subsystems, such as oil/water pumps, compressors, and power steering, in order to increase the efficiency and  reduce  the  fuel  consumption  in  transportation.  In industrial applications Tribobond 41 is widely used for wear applications in aerospace, oil and gas, power generation, racing and other industries.

Technical Data



Cr + a-C:H:W + a-C:H



Thickness range

1 - 8μm

Nanohardness, HV 0.005

2000 - 2800

Friction vs. Steel


Service Temperature


Process Temperature




Application Reference

Low friction wear resistance for sliding contacts