Tribobond™ 31 Cr2N

High impact resistant coating with smooth surface for high temperatures

Ionbond’s Tribobond™ 31 Cr2N coating possesses a good combination of properties; high hardness (approaching three times that of hard chromium), excellent toughness, good wear resistance and high impact fatigue resistance. Tribobond™ 31 has a high temperature resistance, which makes it a good candidate for higher temperature applications such as turbochargers, piston rings and other mechanical components used at elevated temperatures. Tribobond™ 31 Cr2N features lower residual stress than many other coatings, allowing for the deposition of thicker layers. This makes it an ideal and environmentally friendly alternative to hard chromium Cr6+ electroplating. Coated components require no grinding back to size since the coating is very thin with a high thickness uniformity. Tribobond™ 31 Cr2N protects against sliding and impact fatigue, oxidation, fretting and adhesive wear.

  • Aerospace components
  • Turbocharger and engine components
  • Hard chrome replacement

Technical data




Coating thickness

2 - 5 μm

Service Temp.

700 °C

Deposition Temp.

180 - 200 °C

Hardness HV 0.05

2500 - 2900

Deposition method

PVD Sputtering

Friction vs. steel, dry



Metallic silver