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Industrial components coating solutions | Ionbond
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Ionbond™ coatings for industrial components

Industrial machinery often operates under adverse conditions such as high contact loads, aggressive environments, lack of lubrication or the presence of abrasive particulate. IHI Ionbond’s PVD, CVD and PACVD coatings are used in countless industrial machinery applications to improve the performance of  these components.

The Tribobond™ and Ionbond™ CVD families of coatings help increase durability and extend maintenance intervals, even becoming enabling elements without which operation is not possible. The coatings are specifically designed to accommodate applications in diverse industries, including aerospace, transportation, power generation and general engineering.


Improved performance and component quality

Ionbond’s coating portfolio for Industrial Components with its versatile Tribobond™ and Ionbond™ CVD coatings offers the perfect solutions to meet the challenges that modern mechanical components are exposed to.

  • Dramatically reduced wear rates in mechanical contacts
  • Reduced friction losses and heat generation, leading to wear reduction and more efficient use of energy sources
  • Operation under starved lubrication conditions or without lubrication
  • No post-coating machining/grinding due to low coating thickness
  • Environmentally safe alternative to electroplating
  • Modest costs
  • Unique surface properties, e.g. electrical insulation, modified wettability, etc.

Solutions for industrial component coatings

The versatile properties of the Tribobond™ and Ionbond™ CVD coatings makes the perfect solution to meet the challenges that modern mechanical components are exposed to.

Wear protection

- Sliding lubricated and dry contacts
- Abrasive wear
- Erosion (hard particles, cavitation etc.)
- Adhesive wear - galling/cold welding
- Fretting

Friction reduction

- Friction reduction in boundary and mixed lubrication regimes
- Providing extended life in oil-out situations
- Friction reduction under dry conditions

Corrosion protection

- Wear protection in selected corrosive media
- Corrosion protection in non-wear applications

Ionbond PVD, PACVD, and CVD coatings are proven to boost performance components in several markets.

Coating applications for industrial components

Hydraulic motor

Mechanical engineering

Increase lifetime, improve operating efficiency and reliability of various engineered components

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Renewable energy industrial

Energy Generation

Improve the efficiency and lifetime of energy generation equipment

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Industrial components coating solutions | Ionbond


Sustain Moore’s law and contribute to never-stopping process of miniaturization and efficiency improvement of microelectronics with Ionbond coatings.

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Offroad Mood agricultural caterpillar

Off-road vehicles

Increase longevity of components of industrial diesel engines for ships, rail, construction or power generation

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Coating solutions for racing vehicles | Ionbond

Racing vehicles

Increase longevity and boost performance of racing engines components

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Industrial components coating solutions | Ionbond

Hard chrome replacement

Replace various hazardous industrial processes, thus promoting green and sustainable manufacturing practices

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Ionbond special coating applications

Apart from mainstream coating applications, IHI Ionbond offers customized solutions for unique operating requirements. These solutions are typically a product of the extensive development in response to a particular customer or market need. Our engineers do not shy away from challenging tasks and strive to find solutions in many situations when standard approaches are not applicable. These developments are carried out in our competence centers in Europe, the US and Asia and employ PVD, CVD and PACVD technologies.


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