Boosting the performance of industrial machinery

Industrial machinery often operates under adverse conditions such as high contact loads, aggressive environments, lack of lubrication or the presence of abrasive particulate. IHI Ionbond’s PVD, CVD and PACVD coatings are used in countless industrial machinery applications to improve the performance of  these components.

The Tribobond and Bernex families of coatings help increase durability and extend maintenance intervals, even becoming enabling elements without which operation is not possible. The coatings are specifically designed to accommodate applications in diverse industries, including aerospace, transportation, power generation and general engineering.

Why Ionbond coatings?

  • Dramatically reduced wear rates in mechanical contacts
  • Reduced friction losses and heat generation, leading to wear reduction and more efficient use of energy sources
  • Operation under starved lubrication conditions or without lubrication
  • No post-coating machining/grinding due to low coating thickness
  • Environmentally safe alternative to electroplating
  • Modest costs
  • Unique surface properties, e.g. electrical insulation, modified wettability, etc.

Application Areas

Wear Protection

Friction Reduction

Corrosion Protection

Sliding lubricated and dry contacts

Friction reduction in boundary and mixed lubrication regimes

Wear protection in selected corrosive media

Abrasive wear

Providing extended life in oil-out situations

Corrosion protection in non-wear applications

Erosion (hard particles, cavitation etc.)

Friction reduction under dry conditions


Adhesive wear - galling/cold welding






Green alternative to electroplating

Electroplating processes are being phased out, driven by legislation. This requires an alternative that can meet environmental standards. Thin film coatings, produced by environmentally sound PVD and PACVD technologies, are such an alternative. They provide outstanding protection against fretting, galling and abrasion, while being fully REACH and RoHS compliant. Moreover, unlike hard chromium  plating, Tribobond coatings do not require post-machining, which results in lower overall component manufacturing costs.