Tribobond™ 40 DLC

DLC-based coating for highly loaded industrial and automotive components

Ionbond’s Tribobond 40 DLC, also designated as a-C:H:W, is one of the widely used coatings for industrial and automotive components. It is essentially a DLC coating with dispersed nanoparticles of tungsten carbide (WC). The coating is specifically designed for applications with high contact loads in rolling and sliding contacts, such as gears and bearings. It combines excellent running-in properties with a good wear resistance and low friction. In addition, this coating reduces negative impacts of contact fatigue, common in cyclically loaded contacts. For these reasons, Tribobond 40 DLC is a coating of choice on many transmission components in automotive and industrial applications.


Apart from high wear resistance and low friction, Tribobond 40 DLC exhibits high load bearing capacity and the highest ductility in the Tribobond family of the DLC coatings. It also offers an excellent protection of the counterparts, which extends the lifetime of both components of the friction pair.

Technical Data



Cr + a-C:H:W



Thickness range

1 - 10μm

Nanohardness, HV 0.005

1000 - 1800

Coefficient of Friction

<0.2 dry vs. steel

Service Temperature


Process Temperature