Tribobond™ 31 Cr2N

Low stress wear and temperature resistant coating with smooth surface

Sub-stoichiometric Tribobond 31 Cr2N  features  lower  residual  stress  than  many  other  coatings from the Tribobond portfolio,  including CrN. Since the coating is produced by unbalanced magnetron sputtering it generally features lower roughness than cathodic arc coatings. Crystalline structure of this coating allows for excellent polishing properties. Tribobond 31 Cr2N  also exhibits lower surface energy, making this coating more hydrophobic.

In general, Tribobond 31 Cr2N protects against abrasive and adhesive wear, impact fatigue, oxidation and fretting.

Technical Data





PVD ubM Sputtering

Thickness range

2 - 5μm

Nanohardness, HV 0.005

2000 - 2500

Coefficient of Friction

<0.55 dry vs. steel

Service Temperature


Process Temperature

180 - 200°C


Metallic Silver