Body components

Car body and decorative components

In addition to engine and power train components, many parts in the interior and on the car body also benefit from coatings. For example, noise reduction of interior or lock system components. Using decorative coatings in various colors on plastic components guarantees the perfect look for a lifetime. Unlike many conventional surface finishes, Ionbond’s PVD technology is environmentally friendly with no toxic byproducts and waste.

Automotive Interior & Exterior PVD coating

Coatings for exterior and interior parts

The Ionbond portfolio of metal-look coatings is ideal for exterior and interior parts. With the Decobond™ series of coatings, you can differentiate design components from the typical chrome offering, with colors that go well with leather, metal and wood accents. The durability and metallic look and feel of the offered coatings will delight your customer base, and the long lifetime of the coated product helps contribute to a better environment.


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