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Ionbond coatings for aerospace components

IHI Ionbond’s PVD, CVD and PACVD coatings are routinely applied on a variety of components in the aerospace industry. Their unique properties enhance performance, decrease operation costs, push application limits and even enable applications that would otherwise be impossible. Ionbond takes pride in having our coatings fly in various air- and spacecraft. Beyond the performance enhancement, Ionbond coatings also contribute to a cleaner environment by being an alternative to the environmentally hazardous electroplating process that is widely used in the aerospace industry.

Coatings for airframe components

Coatings for airframe components

Common structural materials in the aerospace industry (titanium, aluminum alloys, stainless steels and Inconel)  are prone to galling, which can lead to adverse surface effects in contact areas. The related phenomenon of fretting wear can cause underperformance or even failure of critical components. IHI Ionbond offers a comprehensive range of Tribobond™ coatings for effective protection against fretting, galling and other aircraft-specific mechanical surface damages.

Typical components include: Engine mounts, spherical bearings, rod ends, fasteners, actuator pistons/rods

Coatings for jet engine components

Coatings for jet engine components

Jet engines are among the most demanding mechanical systems created by mankind. They must meet stringent reliability requirements under severe operating conditions that include high temperatures, abrasion, hot corrosion and oxidation. Ever-increasing fuel efficiency requirements pose a further challenge in the selection of materials and surface treatments for engine components.

For compressor and fan sections, protection against hard particle erosion is crucial, especially in newer turbofan engines with larger fans prone to erosion damage. Ionbond offers TiN and TiAlN coatings for effective erosion protection.

Combustor and turbine sections, operating at extreme temperatures, require specialty coatings. Ionbond meets this demand with aluminum-based diffusion coatings applied through an eco-friendly CVD process. These coatings excel in protecting against oxidation and hot corrosion on components like airfoils and abradable seals. Unlike alternative aluminizing methods, CVD is powder media-free and environmentally friendly, also allowing for the modification of classic aluminides with doping elements to enhance coating performance.

Main engine bearings benefit from standard Tribobond™ PVD coatings, enhancing wear resistance and preventing issues like galling, fretting, and surface fatigue.

Rocket nozzles

Coatings For Space Applications

Ionbond coatings have numerous applications in the space industry, both in satellites and launch vehicles. In many cases, these coatings have been specially developed or customized to meet unique functionality requirements.

For instance, Ionbond's Tribobond™ coatings are used in elements of cryogenic fuel delivery systems to prevent galling and provide other functional improvements. Specialty Ionbond™ CVD diffusion barrier coatings are used to enable operation of plasma thrusters to control space probes and satellites. Ionbond engineers also developed coatings for extremely high-temperature applications, e.g. in rocket nozzles.

Airplane wing

Coatings for Hard Chrome Replacement

Implementation of the REACH and RoHS initiatives to phase out the use of certain toxic materials forces aircraft manufacturers and their suppliers to look for more environmentally friendly alternatives to chrome and cadmium electroplating. Extensive programs to eliminate galvanic coatings have been initiated by every aircraft manufacturer, impacting the entire supply chain. IHI Ionbond offers coatings that are viable alternatives to their galvanic counterparts and which are already used in many applications. For instance, in aircraft actuation and control systems and various fasteners. For each new application, Ionbond engineers carefully examine the functionality of the galvanic coating and then recommend a suitable replacement from Ionbond’s portfolio.

Aerospace certifications

The aerospace industry has strict quality requirements, which mandates special attention to processing of aerospace parts. Ionbond has long-standing experience with all steps of aerospace processing, including quality procedures, tooling design, coating application, etc.

Ionbond aerospace facilities have the required accreditations, including ISO 9001, AS 9100 and NADCAP, as well as specific qualifications from aircraft makers and suppliers of aerospace systems and components. Ionbond facilities in Consett (UK), Chassieu (FR) and Greensboro (US) are certified to produce coatings for Airbus aircraft.

ISO 9001
AS 9100
NADCAP Certification
Diffusion coatings

Ionbond™ CVA diffusion coatings for jet engine turbine sections

Ionbond offers a special class of coatings to provide protection against high-temperature oxidation and hot corrosion in the hot section of jet engine turbines. These coatings are based on chemical vapor deposition (CVD) diffusion aluminizing, also known as CVA, and are offered by Ionbond under the brand name Ionbond™CVD 66.

Unlike pack aluminizing, CVA coatings can be easily deposited onto internal surfaces, such as the cooling channels of blades, vanes or other turbine components. In addition, the CVA process opens up virtually unlimited possibilities to dope the coatings with elements such as Hf, Cr and Si to further increase their performance.


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