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Chemical Vapor Infiltration Equipment

Bernex™ CVI systems are designed to coat the internal surfaces of porous materials such as carbon fiber bundles or 3D bodies that are used to make fiber-reinforced composites (FRC). Typical applications include aerospace, automotive, medical, and industrial components.

The resulting coating improves the mechanical properties of fibre reinforced composite materials in a way to protect the fibres from the matrix (ceramic, metal, carbon) while improving the adhesion. The coating is infiltrated in a bundle of fibers or a complex body in order to homogeneously coat each single fiber. Ionbond has used its extended know how of designing High Temperature, Very-Low Pressure CVD coating machines and went a step further to develop a state of the art CVI process.

The design of the equipment allows for the infiltration to take place between 1 to 200 mbar and for deposition on the surface even up to 900 mbar. The flexible design allows for coatings to be deposited on large single objects or many small objects. Several types of holding jigs are available to permit the coating of components on all surfaces. Additional customer tailored solutions can be considered.

The CVI equipment has a modular design in order to satisfy specific user demands. Several modules are available for new equipment or for retrofitting existing systems:



  • TiCl4 modules to deposit TiN and TiCN coatings
  • BCl3 modules for BN and or TiB2 coatings
  • NH3 modules for BN
  • MTS or SiCl4 liquid supply modules for SiC coatings
  • Re, W, and Ir Modules
  • Exhaust Neutralization System
  • Special Fixtures for particular applications
  • Low Pressure Systems for pressures down to 1 mbar
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