PVD duplex coating for use in aluminum high pressure die casting

Aluminum high pressure die casting is a high-volume manufacturing process which is becoming increasingly popular for the mass production of complex-shaped parts due to its high material utilization and high degree of automation. The short cycle times and the thermal cycling through the molten aluminum alloy and the use of release agents impose high demands on the die. The complex tribological system is responsible for the following damage and wear mechanisms:

  • Abrasive wear due to the Si-containing Al alloy
  • Erosion (“washout”) and the loss of die material from high velocity and/or turbulent melt flow of the Si-containing Al alloy
  • Adhesive wear due to melt deposition on the die surface
  • Soldering (“sticking”) being a corrosion mechanism due to chemical reactions of the Al alloy and the die material during filling and solidification
  • Heat checking being a thermal fatigue phenomenon resulting from the alternative heating and cooling of the die surface during die casting

With the duplex Ionbond 35 Ionbond™ offers an optimized coating solution for high productivity, maximum machine availability and excellent product quality with minimized scrap rate in Al high pressure die casting. The pre- and post-coating treatment customized to the requirements of the application and the duplex treatment for setting the optimal surface hardness and nitriding hardness depth ensue the superior performance of duplex Ionbond™ 35. Figure 1 demonstrates the superior performance of duplex Ionbond™ 35 increasing the production yield by +50 % compared to the competitor’s duplex coating during the production of parts for commercial air brakes at one of our customers.

  • Product: parts for commercial air brakes
  • Tool material: H13 (core hardness 46-48HRC)
  • Alloy: aluminum alloy A380 (7.5 – 9.5 at.% Si)
  • Lubrication: atomized spray
  • Primary failure mechanism: soldering
  • Solution: Duplex Ionbond™ 35 (CrWN)

Productivity increase by +50 % compared to competitor’s duplex coating
Aluminum sticking significantly decreased
No marks from heat checking




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