Ionbond™ 357 CrWN/(CrW)xOy

Oxynitride CrWN/(CrW)xOy coating for high-temperature forming applications

Ionbond 357 marks the next evolutionary step of our well-established Ionbond 35 (CrWN) coating with a proven track record in high-temperature forming applications, such as aluminum high pressure die casting. Ionbond 357 combines the superior mechanical and thermal fatigue resistance of Ionbond 35 under complex thermo-mechanical loads with an excellent resistance to abrasive wear and crack formation. Another unique feature of the top layer is its low coefficient of friction against steel and aluminum at high temperatures. This pays off in increased productivity and machine availability as well as improved product quality and minimized scrap rate in high-temperature forming applications.  

The low adhesion tendency of the (CrW)xOy top layer towards common thermoplastics and elastomers minimizes adhesive wear and sticking of the plastic parts to the die and makes Ionbond 357 a viable alternative to traditional PVD TiN and CrN coatings in plastic molding applications. The excellent wear resistance of the supporting CrWN layer prevents abrasive wear of the die by the technical plastics and its additives, such as glass fibers and hard particles. The CrWN base layer in combination with the dense, amorphous (CrW)xOy top layer provides increased corrosion resistance compared to a monolayer TiN or CrN coating.

Technical Data






Thickness range

4 µm – 6 µm

Hardness HV 0.02

> 2,700

Roughness Ra (Rz) as deposited

< 0.1 µm (< 1.9 µm)

Service temperature

≥ 800 °C

Process temperature

450 °C


HF2 to HF3 (depending on tooling material)

Coefficient of friction (dry) against Al2O3


at room temperature


at T = 800 °C

< 0.35