07 September 2022

New whitepaper for download: Plasma Nitriding for Duplex Coatings

Duplex coatings for forming and molding tool are Ionbond’s latest portfolio offering for highly demanding forming and molding applications. These coatings integrate plasma nitriding technology, and help our customers achieve their goals for improved productivity, reduced downtime and extended machine maintenance. With duplex coatings, you can also boost your product quality and minimize scrap rate in manufacturing – resulting in substantial cost savings. Ionbond’s duplex coatings have superior performance, proven by laboratory analyses and customer results.
New whitepaper for download: Plasma Nitriding for Duplex Coatings

Build your knowledge with our whitepaper

How does plasma nitriding work exactly, and what are the benefits? With our new whitepaper, you will get a technically in-depth but easily understandable introduction to nitriding, one of the world’s most widespread thermo-mechanical diffusion processes. You will learn how the surface properties of functional surfaces can be selectively modified, so the properties of the surface and the bulk material can be optimized separately using this technology.

Since its introduction in 1923, nitriding has increased the resistance of the surface layer of tools to abrasive wear and thermo-mechanical fatigue. Duplex PVD coatings (plasma nitriding followed by one of our premium PVD or PACVD coatings) help tools to withstand the high mechanical stresses and cyclic loading of metal forming operations such as stamping, trimming and blanking, and to the thermal loading in hot forging and high-pressure die casting.



Are duplex coatings right for your application? Read the whitepaper to find out!

The whitepaper provides more than technical background information. The customer examples and laboratory results can give you initial insights into whether your forming tool and steel is suitable for plasma nitriding. You will also find out whether your application might require in-situ plasma nitriding (for nitriding hardness depths below 50 μm) or our two-stage plasma nitriding process (for nitriding hardness depths above 50 μm).

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