High Quality Decorative Coatings for Extreme Environments​

Protect critical components, enhance part performance, and improve device reliability and durability.

Decorative DLC coatings

PVD coatings for for decorative purposes​

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) technology has been used extensively for decorative purposes in numerous applications where reliability, durability, scratch and wear resistance are important to ensure a perfect appearance over time.

Ionbond has developed the Decobond™ line of coatings with a wide range of standard colors for goods that require a wear resistant surface that can withstand extreme environments and cannot be achieved by electroplating, anodizing or painting.

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Decorative DLC coatings

A clean and durable finish with Decobond™ Decorative Coatings

How do you enhance the surface of your product to make it stand out in the marketplace? Decobond™ decorative PVD coatings make designed products special. The coatings have attractive metallic colors, in several color ranges. Decobond™ keeps the underlying surface texture intact and provides a metallic look and feel. They also protect consumer goods from scratching and wear, increasing their value and longevity, contributing to sustainability.

Ionbond Decorative Standard Colors
Ionbond Decorative Standard Colors

Ionbond PVD coatings: long-lasting metal-look solutions

Ionbond PVD coatings are durable metal-look solutions that we offer in a wide range of standard colors across the spectrum of finishes. We also offer custom colors and color replication with high color uniformity and reproducibility. All electrically conductive materials such as stainless steel, titanium, aluminum*, brass*, die-cast zinc* and ABS plastics* are suitable for Decobond™ coating.

*requires Ni/Cr electroplating


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Decorative coating applications

The coatings are used in a wide range of applications, from bathroom faucets to firearms to luxury watches:

Outdoor & Sports​

firearms coating

Firearms & Knives

Performance and reliability are of the utmost importance when using a firearm or knife. Ionbond PVD and DLC coatings can enhance these qualities and provide additional benefits such as extreme hardness, wear resistance and a long-lasting finish in a variety of colors. These Ionbond coatings, also referred to as “Ionbonded”, are an excellent choice for improving the functionality, durability and aesthetics of firearms and knives.

Download our factsheet about DLC & PVD coatings for firemarms


firearms coating
Golf club coating
Golf club coating

Golf clubs

Golf clubs are the essential tools for any golfer and their performance should not affect the game. Ionbond PVD surface and coating technology offers a number of benefits such as durability, appearance (non-reflective, dark) and a range of colors that make it an excellent choice for the perfect golf club.



Racing & aeronautical industry

In the high-speed world of racing and aerospace, where performance and aesthetics are paramount, Ionbond PVD coatings can provide that extra benefit. Decorative Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coatings can elevate the appearance of a product due to their unique combination of visual appeal and functional benefits (hardness up to 2-4 times harder than steel and long lasting finish), making them an excellent choice for enhancing components in the racing and aeronautical industries.

marine industry coating
marine industry coating

Marine Industry

The marine industry requires components and surface finishes that can withstand the harsh conditions of salt water, sunlight and constant exposure to the elements. Ionbond decorative (PVD) coatings can enhance the aesthetics and durability of marine equipment and surfaces because these coatings do not corrode, are stable under UV radiation, and are a perfect adhesion combination with stainless steel materials.




Industrial Components

The critical functions in various industrial sectors such as durability, performance and visual appeal are of utmost importance. Ionbond decorative PVD coatings offer extreme hardness (2-4 times harder than steel), specific metal colors and textures, making them an excellent choice for enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of industrial components.


automotive decorative coating


The interior of a vehicle plays a crucial role in providing comfort, style and an enjoyable driving experience. Ionbond decorative PVD coatings can enhance the aesthetics and functionality of automotive interiors by offering a range of benefits such as extreme hardness (2-4 times harder than steel), base texture replication and natural metallic colors, and can be applied to most materials used in the automotive interior industry. This makes them an excellent choice for enhancing the automotive interior to embrace the passengers in a luxury good feeling environment.



automotive decorative coating

automotive exterior coating


The exterior of a vehicle is not only its first impression, but also its primary defense against road elements (water, stones, sand, salt, etc.). Our PVD coatings can enhance the durability, performance and aesthetics of some specific automotive exterior details due to benefits such as increased hardness, specific metallic appearance and dark black colors. This makes Ionbond’s coatings an excellent choice for enhancing automotive exterior details.

Domestic & Sanitary Industry

sanitary coatings

Our homes are where we spend most of our time, so the interior of the house is the most important area that deserves both aesthetic appeal and durability to give the owner a sense of luxury and good feeling. The decorative PVD coatings from Ionbond can enhance the visual aesthetics and functionality of various surfaces and fixtures, mainly in the kitchen and bath area. Due to the high hardness and many different metallic look colors, the coatings offer a range of benefits that make them an excellent choice for enhancing the home, kitchen and bath environment to a luxury that embraces the customer.


Cutlery Industry

cutlery coating

Cutlery is an essential tool in the kitchen and dining experience. Our decorative coatings offer a range of colors with extreme hardness, dishwasher safe and FDA approved, making them an excellent choice for enhancing the appearance and functionality of cutlery that adds a luxurious feel to any dining experience.




luxury watch coating

The luxury industry is synonymous with elegance, sophistication and impeccable craftsmanship. Ionbond's decorative PVD and DLC coatings can enhance the aesthetics and elevate the luxury experience due to the unique metallic and black-look colors, extreme hardness ( 2-4 x harder than steel). These benefits make our coatings an excellent choice for enhancing luxury products and components to make them unique!





luxury watch coating

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