Medthin™ 43 ADLC

ADLC coating for surgical instruments

Medthin 43 ADLC is a dual layer coating with a SiC base layer followed by top  DLC (carbon) layer. The two layers confer to Medthin 43 ADLC extreme smoothness, high density and hardness. Medthin 43 ADLC has been designed to minimize the friction coefficient and ADLC can work against ADLC in dry mode. This fine coating requires a high level care in surface preparation prior to coating and it justifies to be used only if the top performance is required, such as nearly no wear and extremely low friction coefficient. Its application on surgical instruments must be discussed with our engineers.

Technical Data


Material Description

Dual layer ADLC

Applicable on the following materials¹

all Stainless Steels, Titanium and Aluminium Alloys

Technologies of deposition




Thickness [µm]

1 to 5


Amorphous Diamond Like Carbon (top layer) on amorphous Si-C:H gradient underlayer

Oxidation Resistance

Excellent resistance to chemical oxidation as far as utilization temperature remains <300°C

Cleaning and Sterilization Resistance

Very High, all methods allowed


80% visible light absorption

Electrical Conductivity


Antibacterial properties

Not Measured

Nanohardness [GPa]

30 to 40

Young Modulus [GPa]

200 to 240

Friction coefficient²


Adhesion Scratch Test, LC3 [N]


Adhesion Rockwell or Mercedes test³

Class 1,2, HF1-3

Roughness (as coated) [nm]


Corrosion resistance – Neutral Salt Spray

Max 4 hours

Biocompatibility data for instruments

Passed ISO 10993-5, ISO 10993-10, ISO 10993-11


Delivered per request

MAF at FDA in the USA


Most popular applications

Extremely dense and hard coating, with very low friction coefficient

¹for any other material please contact ionbond
²against 100Cr6 steel ball
³Method either by ISO 26443 or VDI 3198

The values given are approximations and may vary depending on the application, environmental factors and test protocols.