Medthin™ 30 CrN

CrN coating for surgical & dental instruments

Medthin 30 CrN, has silver-grey color, shows high fracture toughness, wear resistance and adhesion, making it an ideal coating for high impact and load carrying applications. The high resistance to alkaline and acidic cleaning and sterilization cycles, in combination with its other properties makes it a superior alternative to chrome plating on surgical and dental instruments. Due to its low Youngs modulus , the CrN is one of the most ductile PVD coating which can be deposited very thin (less than 1µm) as well as with coating thicknesses that can reach 10µm.

Technical Data


Material Description

Chromium Nitride

Applicable on the following materials¹

all Stainless Steels, Titanium and Aluminium Alloys

Technologies of deposition




Thickness [µm]

0.5 to 10


Cubic, Polycrystalline

Oxidation Resistance


Cleaning and Sterilization Resistance

High, all methods allowed



Electrical Conductivity


Antibacterial properties

Not measured

Nanohardness [GPa]

20 to 30

Young Modulus [GPa]

200 to 300

Friction coefficient²


Adhesion Scratch Test, LC3 [N]


Adhesion Rockwell or Mercedes test³

Class 1,2, HF1-3

Roughness (as coated) [nm]


Corrosion resistance – Neutral Salt Spray

Max 2 hours

Biocompatibility data for instruments

Passed ISO 10993-5, ISO 10993-10, ISO 10993-11


Delivered per request

MAF at FDA in the USA


Most popular applications

Gives color stability to substrates submitted to hundreds of cleaning & sterilization; increases mechanical and wear resistance

¹for any other material please contact ionbond
²against 100Cr6 steel ball
³Method either by ISO 26443 or VDI 3198

The values given are approximations and may vary depending on the application, environmental factors and test protocols.