Medthin™ 04 TiON

The latest addition to the Medthin™ coating portfolio

Medthin 04 was developed to inhibit bacterial colonization and growth. The Medthin 04 coating combines antimicrobial properties with high wear resistance, and chemical stability. This makes Medthin 04 an ideal coating to mitigate the spread of microbes on medical instruments as well as for applications around hospital use.

The coating´s antimicrobial properties and biocompatibility were successfully tested according to ISO 22196 and ISO 10993 (parts -5, -10, -11), respectively. The coating can be deposited at temperatures ranging between 70 ºC and 300 ºC, which allows for a variety of materials to be coated.

Measurements performed on witness coupons




Coating thickness

1 - 5 μm

Scratch resistance, LC3 [N]

> 65 N

Roughness, Ra

≤ 0.3 μm

Hardness HV 0.02

1000 - 1800

Coating temperature

< 300 °C

Service Temp.

< 400 °C

Friction vs. steel, dry

< 0.4


light gold