AuroraX Plus

Superior performance in machining of difficult-to-cut materials under dry and wet conditions

AuroraX Plus is the new addition to Ionbond’s Premium Plus coatings with advanced arc technology. AuroraX Plus has been developed primarily for machining difficult-to-machine materials such as titanium alloys, nickel-based alloys, hard materials and stainless steel. When machining these demanding materials, the cutting tool is subjected to extensive wear under severe operating conditions ranging from high temperatures to heavy mechanical loads.

Ionbond has engineered the AuroraX Plus coating with a tailored TiAlSiXN composition and nanocomposite multilayer microstructure that combines the optimum properties required to withstand extreme cutting conditions. Due to its high hot hardness, high thermal stability, outstanding oxidation resistance and low thermal conductivity, AuroraX plus improves tool life by providing exceptional wear resistance and acting as a thermal barrier to protect the tool material. In addition, the smooth and low friction properties of AuroraX Plus ensure efficient chip evacuation. Moreover, the high chemical inertness of AuroraX Plus suppresses build-up when machining sticky materials such as titanium alloys and stainless steel.

AuroraX Plus also improves cutting edge toughness, which is critical in interrupted cutting applications. It is stable at high temperatures up to 1100°C, making it suitable for dry machining. The newly developed Ionbond coating is ideal for dry and wet machining with a broad range of cutting conditions for various applications including drilling,milling, hobbing and bevel cutting.

Technical Data





PVD Advanced Arc

Thickness range

2 - 4 μm

Hardness HIT

39 ± 2 GPa

Friction vs. Steel (dry)


Max. Service Temperature


Process Temperature

450 - 500°C