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New Mega Coating Center in Venlo NL

05 July 2014

Ionbond is building a new center for automotive component coatings. as well as decorative and tool coatings. The new facility, a former solar panel factory, is currently being configured to host the production lines and R&D for coatings for automotive components, mainly engine and injection system parts including precision components for internal combustion engines. It will be the global competence center for automotive components.

The new site will be in full operation by the end of October when the current site will be shut down. At over 10’000 square meters it will be the largest facility in the Ionbond network and offers the space for growth needed to keep pace with the growing demand for coated components for the new generation of downsized and fuel efficient diesel and gasoline engines for cars and trucks. The new site will also host the production for decorative coatings and coatings for tools.

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