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New generation Medthin™ coatings are FDA approved for implants

31 August 2020

Medical applications, surgical instruments and implants can often benefit from a good medical coating. At Ionbond, we are continuously investing in improving our Medthin™ coatings for these applications. Dr. Antonio Santana, Global Segment Manager Medical at Ionbond, says: “With our Medthin™ 40, 42 and 43 coatings, Ionbond can provide something truly special to our customers. These coatings are increasingly popular for surgical instruments and tools. Medthin™ 42 has even achieved a first FDA approval for use on a spinal implant system.”

A great leap in performance with third-generation technology

Medthin™ 40, 42 and 43 are third-generation medical coatings for Ionbond, deposited with new technology and under a cleaner process flow. This results in smooth, dense ceramic or diamond-like carbon coating or multilayer systems.

Generation III coatings Medthin™ 40, 42 and 43 were developed to be chemically stable, scratch and wear resistant, and with a high fracture toughness, reducing the risk of delamination on stainless steel, CoCrMo and TAV substrate materials.

Instrument coatings chosen for performance

In the last three years, there has been a substantial increase in applications using Medthin™ 40 and 42 coatings on surgical instruments and tools. Michael Helmes, Sales Manager Medical for Ionbond USA, says: “Customers want these coatings not only for their low reflectivity and dark colors, but because of their functional characteristics. Leading US-based companies are choosing Ionbond and Generation III out from our facility in Rockaway, New Jersey.”

Building a reputation in implants

In Q3 2019, the Ionbond Medthin™ 42 coating received FDA approval for commercial use on a minimally invasive deformity correction (MID-C) system. Analysis of a different application demonstrates that TAV spine and lumbar disks coated with the extremely smooth Medthin™ 43 coating show much less wear compared to other, uncoated systems. This has led to satisfaction in multiple markets worldwide.

This suggests strong promise for more implants to be coated with high-tech Ionbond Medthin™ coatings in the future, with approval from notifying bodies worldwide and FDA in USA. Are you interested in Gen III coatings for your medical application? Please contact Antonio Santana ( or Michael Helmes ( for a consultation.


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