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20 April 2023

Let’s talk at the Vienna Motor Symposium!

Are you visiting the Vienna Motor Symposium at the end of April 2023? Come by the Ionbond booth to discuss your challenges and plans for future mobility, and how our coatings can help you achieve your goals.
Let’s talk at the Vienna Motor Symposium!

Vienna Motor Symposium - 26. to 28. April 2023

Are you visiting the Vienna Motor Symposium at the end of April? Come by the Ionbond booth to discuss your challenges and plans. It’s promising to be yet another great edition of the symposium, with interesting speakers and many highly knowledgeable suppliers. “We’re looking forward to talking about strategy and technology with visitors,” says André Hieke, Global Segment Manager Automotive at Ionbond. “And, of course, to share the developments at Ionbond that support the changes in the automotive industry.”




Ionbond supports the automotive sector of the future

Future mobility” is a major theme at the Vienna Motor Symposium. “The move toward electric cars and climate-neutral transportation requires a lot of new technology,” says Marcel Stultjens, Automotive Sales Manager. “Companies are developing fuel cell electric cars, hydrogen internal combustion engines, and many technologies for increasing the fuel efficiency of cars. Ionbond has solutions that contribute to all these approaches.”

  • Fuel-saving tribological coatings for the classic combustion engine
  • Fuel cell bipolar plate coatings for hydrogen electric vehicles
  • Multilayer coatings that protect components against hydrogen embrittlement while also reducing friction and wear, for any hydrogen technology
  • Extreme wear resistance for electrical drive trains, for heavy electric cars with high-impact torque delivery
  • Protective coatings for components and seals in electrical engines, which operate at higher rpms
  • Low-friction and wear-resistant coatings for components outside of the engine, to reduce friction losses and increase fuel efficiency
  • Coatings for battery cooling units, pumps and many other new automotive components

Drop by our booth to talk!

Are you interested in learning more about any of these coating solutions? Or do you have a challenge of your own that you might want to solve with a coating? We’d be happy to see you at our booth, to discuss your plans in more detail.

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André Hieke

André Hieke

Global Segment Manager Automotive

+31 774 65 65 31 [email protected]

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