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Jeroen Landsbergen appointed CEO of IHI Ionbond AG

01 April 2019

The board of directors of IHI Ionbond AG is pleased to announce that Jeroen Landsbergen has been appointed CEO of the Ionbond Group starting on April 1st, 2019.

Dr. Gerrit Jan van der Kolk, who has been CEO since 2016, achieved extraordinary results in the past three years and will remain an Advisor for the company.

Jeroen Landsbergen started his career in chemical engineering with a well-known Dutch multinational technology company as a process developer in plating and PVD in the mid-1980s before starting a career at Ionbond sister company, IHI Hauzer Technocoating in 2004, where he was promoted to CEO in 2014.

Jeroen Landsbergen stated: “I will proceed with the steps and the direction which were defined by Gerrit-Jan over the past three years, concentrating on operational excellence, and I will add further focus on customer relations and the service we offer. Together with the Ionbond team, we are well positioned to bring further improvements and growth to the company.”

IHI Ionbond AG Chairman, Hiroshi Nakai said: “As a board member of the Ionbond Group over the past few years, Jeroen Landsbergen is very familiar with both the equipment and coating services business. This combined experience is a clear asset to Ionbond where we continue to invest and grow.”


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