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24 October 2023

Ionbond PVD coatings for automotive interior applications

Are you looking to stand out in automotive interior design with novel colors and increased wear resistance of design elements? Check out Ionbond’s expertise in PVD coatings at the Automotive Interiors Expo Europe from 5-7th of December and find out more in below article.
Ionbond PVD coatings for automotive interior applications


For many automotive interior applications, chrome (Cr) plating is used to turn a plastic surface into a metallic finish, making decorative strips and buttons look like true stainless steel interior parts. Cr plating elevates the value of the car interior with its attractive look and feel, like touching a real metal part. For those reasons, it’s been an industry standard for almost a century.

However, Cr-plating technology is also limited. Even with the latest technologies, the color options range only from silver to dark grey, no bright colors. Chrome plating doesn’t provide much wear protection to the parts, whether steel or plastic, so scratches can easily occur.

PVD coatings: wide color range and better wear resistance

The decorative and protective coatings deposited by physical vapor deposition (PVD) can be an interesting alternative to overcome those limitations. PVD offers a larger color portfolio for designers and customers. It also offers improved wear protection and hence durability of the interior parts. The PVD coating also preserves the underlying structure of the base material: a glossy surface stays glossy, a satin surface stays satin.

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Benefit from Ionbond’s expertise in PVD automotive coatings

Interested in the benefits of PVD? The surface engineers from Ionbond offer high-quality decorative coatings for automotive interior applications. Ionbond has coating centers in North America, Europe and Asia, equipped with a wide range of PVD technologies.

With our magnetron sputtering and cathodic arc deposition PVD technology, we can deliver wear-resistant ceramic nitride, carbo-nitride or oxide coatings with a thickness between 0.2µm and 3µm. This huge variety of coating materials creates a color range from light silver to deep black and light gold to copper. Even rainbow colors and blue are possible.


Our engineering teams are ready to support you

Are you looking for a custom, unique design opportunity? Our engineers are happy to work with you to develop new coating colors. We are also able to address special requests like transparent or translucent coatings. Ionbond has extensive expertise in low-temperature coating of Cr-plated plastic parts. Coating of Cr-plated brass, zinc die-cast or aluminum is also possible at any time, and of course of non-plated stainless steel and titanium. On request, we are eager to engineer solutions for uncommon substrate materials like glass or ceramics. With this portfolio, we cover the full extent of automotive interior parts. (See examples for automotive interior parts, which can be coated on the right)


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Visit us at the Automotive Interiors Expo Europe in Stuttgart, Germany!

Would you like to know more about the Ionbond coating portfolio? Or our experience providing coatings for automotive interiors in the decorative & sport market? Visit us at booth 3332 at Automotive Interiors Expo Europe from 5-7 December 2023 in Stuttgart, Germany. Can’t make it? Feel free to contact Global Segment Manager Ron Dielis through below contact form for more information.

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