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Ionbond opens new corporate headquarters in Zürich, Switzerland

21 November 2013

Ionbond, one of the world’s leading providers of PVD, CVD and PACVD coating services and CVD coating equipment, announced today that it recently opened its new corporate headquarters offices in Zürich.

The move follows the acquisition of Ionbond by the IHI Corporation of Japan at the end of last year. The new headquarters will be home to Ionbond’s corporate management. IHI, which also owns Hauzer Techno Coating in Venlo, Netherlands, a leader in PVD and PACVD coating equipment, sees the new headquarters in Zürich as a central coordination point for their growth in coating services and equipment worldwide.

Ionbond’s Chairman of the Board Yoshinori Kawasaki who will be based in the new headquarters said: “Zürich is an excellent location from which to coordinate our worldwide activities in this market. It is a convenient meeting point for our executives from IHI, Hauzer, and Ionbond as well as our customers. We would like to invite our customers and partners to meet with us in our new offices here in Zürich”.

Ionbond’s CEO Joe Haggerty added: ”We are very pleased to open our new headquarters in Zürich. Centralized functions such as group finance, marketing, and human resources will be based here. This location allows us to receive customers more easily upon their arrival in Switzerland and allows for more efficient coordination with our coating network.  It also provides access to the large support network of suppliers of corporate services and to the excellent employee talent pool available in the Zürich area. Our management for the equipment division as well as the Swiss coating services will remain based in our Olten Competence Center, about one hour west of the headquarters”.

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