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26 September 2023

Ionbond joins Hydrogen Engine Alliance to advance the hydrogen internal combustion engine

Ionbond is proud to join the Hydrogen Engine Alliance! We’re looking forward to lending our expertise to the further development of this interesting technology for carbon-neutral mobility.
Ionbond joins Hydrogen Engine Alliance to advance the hydrogen internal combustion engine

Ionbond is pleased to announce that we joined the Hydrogen Engine Alliance (“Allianz Wasserstoffmotor e. V.”). This association champions the technology of hydrogen internal combustion engines, one of the several candidates for carbon-neutral transportation that are currently being explored. Marco Carlet, Segment Engineer for Automotive Components, thinks this technology might serve a promising niche – in particular, heavy-duty transport applications such as trucks and off-road vehicles.

A valuable sustainable solution

“The hydrogen internal combustion engine has several important advantages,” explains Marco. “For instance, its robustness against air and fuel contamination, resistance to vibrations, and adaptability to extreme temperatures. That makes it ideal for heavy-duty applications that require higher peak loads, and a good complement to fuel cells, which run efficiently on hydrogen at lower loads. Ionbond’s participation in this alliance strengthens the world’s effort to diversify future transportation technologies.”
Being part of the Alliance is a good opportunity for Ionbond. As a member, we will share coating expertise, findings, and insights to support the progression of hydrogen engine technology. Ionbond’s extensive experience with injection systems, especially direct injectors, is another asset that the Hydrogen Engine Alliance will find valuable. Marco: “Our combined expertise in injection systems and coatings for hydrogen applications makes us a natural fit for the Hydrogen Engine Alliance. We are already partnering with some of our customers to test coatings specifically designed for hydrogen injection systems.”

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Contributing to the advancement of hydrogen combustion technology

In our portfolio, we have several coatings that enhance engine performance and longevity. Our diamond-like carbon (DLC) coatings with high hydrogen content help solve the challenges posed by hydrogen's dry gas atmosphere. These coatings not only reduce friction but also protect against hydrogen embrittlement – a common issue with metallic components.
For applications that require higher thermal stability, Ionbond offers hydrogen-free DLC coatings. Ionbond’s DLC coatings, produced with PVD or PACVD technology, are so smooth and dense that they make effective barriers against hydrogen embrittlement. This smoothness is particularly vital around seals, where superior surface quality helps contain the small hydrogen molecules.
“For some applications,” says Marco, “a combination of technologies works best. The Ionbond engineers are looking forward to working with Alliance partners to develop customized solutions. For example, a hydrogen-containing top layer with dense, smooth interlayers.”

We are looking forward to collaborating!

Participation in the Hydrogen Engine Alliance opens doors to various networking opportunities, including the annual Wasserstoffmotor Live event and other collaborative events. We are looking forward to showcasing how our state-of-the-art coatings can significantly improve hydrogen engine performance. This partnership reinforces Ionbond’s commitment to fostering sustainable transportation solutions for the future.

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