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Ionbond Italy is ready to serve an expanding market

07 October 2021

The Ionbond coating center in Cambiago, Italy, is a state-of-the-art facility that was built in 2019. With 3000m2 of shop floor area and seven coating machines, the coating center was built to an ambitious scale. The team of 25 people provides high-quality PVD and PACVD coatings for the decorative and tribological and of course the tool market.

Known for quality
Domenico Magnacca, Managing Director of Ionbond Italy, says: “Ionbond is very well known in the cutting tool market for our innovative, high-performance coatings. Through our plant in Italy, we offer coatings for traditional applications but also for novel, demanding applications such as high-speed milling and machining of lightweight materials. Quality and reliability is very important to Ionbond, which is why we have been operating according to the ISO 9001:2015 certification for over seven years. Thanks to our support, several of our customers are competitive in very demanding industries such as aerospace.”

Ionbond Italy serves the entire Italian market for PVD and PACVD coatings with their high quality and short turnaround times. The center only uses plasma coating machines from sister company Hauzer. These machines distinguish themselves through their modularity, allowing Ionbond Italy to offer a broad range of mature coating technologies.

Coatings for the most demanding applications
When a traditional coating solution is not the right fit, Ionbond engineers have a large range of advanced coatings and pre- and posttreatments at their disposal to determine the best solution for your application. For instance, the Plus line of coatings – Maximizer Plus, Hardcut Plus, Crosscut Plus and Optimizer Plus, which are deposited with the state-of-the-art CARC+ technology.

Domenico: “These are high-performance coatings with native low roughness, very high hardness and very high resistance to thermal oxidation. That makes them excellent for machining in dry conditions. With our top-of-the-line coatings, we support cutting tool makers for the aerospace industry, light alloys industry, automotive industry and more, plus of course our customers in the forming tools segment.”

Contact Ionbond to find the right coating
Are you interested in working with a coating center in Italy for your cutting tool applications? Or would you like advice from the Ionbond engineering team about determining the best coating for your situation? Please get in touch with Ionbond Italy at +39 039 608 20 23 or and we would be happy to help.