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Ionbond – IHI Group now offers black PVD color

15 July 2020

Ionbond is pleased to introduce the first deep black PVD color in our large decorative PVD portfolio. In addition to gunmetal black or black-anthracite PVD, we can now meet the strong customer request for a much deeper black as well. This new color is also described as piano black, black-black or super black.

Henry Ford famously said about the Ford Model T car: "Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants, so long as it is black." Until now, Ionbond not-so-famously said the opposite: “You can have any decorative PVD color in metal look, so long as it’s not black-black, deep black or piano black."

Rising to the challenge

Developing a deep black PVD coating, which absorbs most visible light while retaining the expected PVD hardness, wear resistance and chemical stability, is very challenging – especially on an industrial scale. Now, we offer this coating worldwide through the Ionbond network.

The black decorative PVD coating can be applied to substrates such as ABS, zinc, brass and stainless steel. The new coating has already had an excellent response form the market in several applications.

Serving customers in many industries

Deco & Sport Segment Manager Ron Dielis: “Ionbond customers from several industries have been asking for a high-end deep black decorative PVD coating, with the same quality and consistency on different textures and materials.

“Ionbond has the most comprehensive decorative PVD coating portfolio in the decorative market, serving the needs of companies in the sanitary, building hardware and automotive industries, and more besides. As Surface Engineers, we partner with our customers to understand their application needs and offer customized coating solutions. The introduction of this new decorative black PVD coating is another step in the direction of our commitment to these partnerships.”

For more information about the availability of this coating near you, please contact Ron Dielis at:


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