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Ionbond at Intermold 2016 Japan

15 April 2016

Ionbond will show its portfolio of coatings at Intermold 2016 Osaka from April 20 -23 at booth 6B-202 as a preview for the opening of the new coating center for PVD in Yokohama in May 2016.

This operation - the first Ionbond coating center in Japan - is primarily focused on coatings for forming and molding tools and cutting tools. Ionbond Yokohama will build on the success and experience of Ionbond’s worldwide network and will be supported by engineering and process development from the respective competence centers in the USA and Europe.

“We are very proud to announce the opening of this center in IHI’s home country. Ionbond has a portfolio of know how in thin film coatings that is very competitive in Japan’s highly developed industry. The center in Yokohama will allow Japanese customers direct access to Ionbond’s state of the art technology for the next generation metal forming and molding applications and the latest coatings for high performance cutting tools” says Yoshinori Kawasaki, Director of the Board of IHI Ionbond.

The Yokohama center has established all processes to conform to ISO 9001 and will seek certifications shortly. It is located at the IHI Business Park in Yokohama.

IHI Ionbond Japan Co. Ltd., 1 Shin Nakahara Cho, Isogo-Ku, 235-8501 Yokohama, Japan

Contact:, Telephone +81 45 759 2715

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