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Ionbond at EMO 2015

29 September 2015

Ionbond, the specialist in PVD, PACVD, and CVD coating technology, will once again demonstrate its superior coating solutions for cutting tools at EMO in Milan. Between 5 and 10 October, Ionbond is pleased to welcome its guests at booth D17 in Hall 10 and will present multiple innovations and new developments for the worldwide market.

Ionbond has developed a new series of three premium PVD cutting tool coatings which make use of proprietary advanced arc technology. The new process deposits the coatings at energy levels far higher than conventional arc sources. The coatings significantly increase in density while reducing growth defects, resulting in a much smoother surface. Comparison tests with leading competitor coatings conducted by various customers and at Ionbond’s internal cutting tool laboratory show substantially improved service lifetimes of the tools in all major types of machining operations. The three coatings will be placed on the market with the name extension “Plus” as Hardcut Plus TiSiN, Crosscut Plus AlCrN, and Maximizer Plus TiAlN. Ionbond is proud to be able to present the new coatings as an absolute novelty to the tool market.

Over the last decades, AlTiN has become a mainstream standard coating for cutting tools. Until today, these coatings have been produced by means of PVD technology. Ionbond has developed new industrial scale CVD technologies for the deposition of high aluminium containing TiAlN coatings, including a dedicated low-pressure CVD process module. Initial tests with cemented carbide inserts for milling and turning tools have shown superior performance compared with both conventional CVD as well as PVD coatings. The low-pressure process module can be retrofitted on any existing Bernex™ BPXpro system or integrated into new Bernex™ BPXpro CVD coating systems.

In addition, Ionbond will present the newly developed Bernex™ MOCVD Evaporator. This self-contained module is designed for the sublimation of solid metalorganic precursors and for the direct transportation of the evaporated materials into the CVD coating process chamber. Thus, the MOCVD Evaporator makes available a multitude of additional elements not attainable in gaseous or liquid form and opens up many new possibilities for coating compositions in CVD processes.

Ionbond will be joined at Booth D17 by its sister company Hauzer Technocoating from the Netherlands, showcasing its latest addition to their advanced PVD tool coating equipment, the Flexicoat 850 CARC+. In addition, IHI Machinery and Furnace Co., Ltd. from Japan will present its heat treatment and carburizing equipment.

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