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Ionbond announces entry into Fuel Cell Manufacturing Technologies

06 March 2018

Ionbond, a global provider of thin-film technology solutions, today announced that they have signed a technology agreement with TreadStone Technologies, Inc. for the industrialization and commercialization of an innovative coating technology and process for metal bipolar plates used in proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells and PEM electrolyzer market applications. Industry experts have cited cost effective bipolar metal plate technology, that provides good electrical conductivity and good corrosion resistance, as the next critical step for commercializing and scaling the Fuel Cell industry.

“By combining Ionbond’s industrial know how in thin-film coatings with TreadStone’s DOTS technology, we are confident that we can offer an effective industrial solution at an attractive price” said Dr. Gerry van der Kolk, Ionbond Group CEO. “This technology is a clear step forward for fuel cell production for transportation, stationary power storage and electrolyzer applications.” Dr. Gerry van der Kolk continues, “Our first step will be to install a fully functioning production cell at our coating facility in the Netherlands. Our goal is to be able to offer sampling and production capabilities before autumn 2018.”

“Ionbond brings world class production capabilities, experience and expertise able to meet current and future supply chain needs on a global scale” said Mr. Gerald DeCuollo, CEO TreadStone. He continues, “The world energy landscape is changing, moving toward new modes of transportation (zero emission vehicles) and new energy generating and storage systems. Together, Ionbond and TreadStone are well positioned to bring a low cost, best in class solution to the market.”


About Ionbond

Ionbond is part of the Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering business unit of the IHI Group. The business unit is active in providing coating services (Ionbond) and heat treatment (IHI VTN) as well as providing equipment; CVD by Ionbond, PVD and PACVD by IHI Hauzer Techno Coating, and heat treatment equipment by IHI Machinery and Furnace Company. More information can be found at

Contact: Dr. Ton Hurkmans, Chief Technology Officer at (+1) 248-219-1160 or

About TreadStone

TreadStone Technologies, Inc. is a privately held, technology development company located in Princeton, NJ (USA). TreadStone develops and has patented technologies supporting the new energy economy with end-use application in zero emission vehicle transportation and renewable energy generating and storage applications.

Contact: Gerald DeCuollo at (+1) 609-734-2368 or

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